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Body-therapy & Acupuncture



I am certified (RAB) body-therapist and acupuncturist working at NOR:  and at Akupunkturhuset in Århus C.

I help people improve or get rid of pain and tension in the musculoskeletal system. Many of my clients also come to me with psychological problems like stress, depression and anxiety. Either as a stand alone treatment or as a supplement to medical and psychological treatment, working with the body helps the client relieve side effects and to be more present in his / her own body. I also work with athletes to prevent / recover from injuries and improve performance and focus.


In my toolbox you find: TCM acupuncture, Body-sds, posturology, auriculotherapy, a variety of courses, supervision and 10+ years of professional experience.


I am also a yoga teacher, freelance trumpet player, BA in philosophy and married to Júlia.


I can help companies improve the working environment and lower the sick leave rate (min price per day DKK 4.500,-)


If you have further questions feel free to write me.


If you want to book session, you can do it here.

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